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Some Tips For Online Task Development

Creating a task can be overwhelming. You have this mental picture in your mind that needs to be written so others may easily understand your vision. Everyone has their own system. I am sharing my arrangement in hopes that it helps you. Please understand that these are my thoughts and opinions only. In no way is it a reflection on how anyone else does his or her tasks. I hope this helps in your task development.

Getting The Idea
I get many ideas from my imagination or browsing websites. If I see a picture I like, I try to imagine how I would have one of my submissives in that picture. How did they arrive like that? What happens before, during and after the picture?

I also get ideas from my submissives. They actually are the best resource for task ideas. They tell me what they like to do. I listen and then add my own “mistressy” thoughts’ on how it should be done. If you don’t have any submissives, ask a submissive friend or someone you meet in a chat. I’m sure they would be more than happy to tell you what they enjoy.

My Brave Boys series came from such a source. One of my submissives loved CBT and rope tying. With his help, I was able to develop how to tie the rope around his cock and balls. Naturally, I then added my special touch with the sit-ups, fig (or “figging”) and clothespins – depending on which BB task you are reading. I looked at my submissive tied up. Then, we did it over again, and I looked at him just before, and just after being tied up. From those views, I developed the description of how he got there.

Another good source is your own imagination and fantasy. If you like to see a submissive pee on themselves, then envision what would happen before they peed if you were there. Would you have them masturbate, if so how? Would they be drinking a lot of water and holding it for a certain time? Where would they pee? Picture yourself there giving them the instructions and following the steps.
Researching The Idea
Now that you have the idea, please take the time to research any safety factors. For example, if you want them to do an enema, research enemas if you’re not familiar with them. Better yet, give yourself one to get an idea of what your submissive will be experiencing.

The next best thing would be having the element tested out by a submissive friend. Let them know that you need it TESTED, that it isn’t an assigned task. They need to be objective and not get into subspace. Ask them to take notes, how much water or if they needed to adjust the recipe. At times, enemas are painful. What kind of pain, if any, did they experience?

Not only does this protect the submissive and you it will help with the feedback you will be giving your submissive if you can relate to what they are talking about. This doesn’t mean you need to do an enema more than once or twice, you can use your knowledge in any future tasks.

Another advantage to doing research is you can begin to compile your safety notes. I have a Word document just for safety notes. In this document, I have several notes already written as well as websites I can post for the submissive to do more detailed research if they want. When I need to put a safety note about enemas, all I do is copy and paste it into my task, along with any websites that I have. (Usually just one or two is enough. If they want more, they can look.). There is no need to recreate a safety note that you have used before.
Speaking The Language
Speak the language submissives like to hear. If you were there in person, you wouldn’t be giving them systematic instructions such as “1. Remove clothing; 2. Get your toys out.” Write as if you are there, “Now it’s time to get naked for me,” or “Show me what you have.”

I do want to touch on one very important aspect of writing – paragraph, paragraph, and paragraph! Nothing is more frustrating than to look at a task and see one big paragraph. Each idea – each step – needs to be broken apart from the other. Imagine that you’re a submissive in the middle of a task and need to confirm a detail. You lose something if you have to search an entire task for one little detail. Also, bigger or bolder headlines make it easier to read and comprehend task details.

Another biggie with me is making sure I use spell and grammar check. I realize not everyone have English as their first language. Even for those who do, grammar is hard and can be complicated. If at all possible, have someone proof for grammar only. Nothing is more of a turn-off than for the submissive to have to decipher a task.

“Neel donw and inset the plug.” The correct wording would be, “Kneel down and insert the plug.” The readability is much easier as the reader doesn’t have to fight for every word and can therefore concentrate on the task itself.

One last thing, use indents for examples or something you want to stand out. Make your task LOOK interesting, not just one solid block.
Template Of Task
I have designed a template for my tasks. Each of my tasks follows this template in some way or another.
• Task Name
• Items Needed For Task
• Objective or Note About The Task
• Rules for the Task
• Rituals for the Task
• The Task
• Any Special Instructions (like tying a rope or recipe for an enema)
• Reporting Instructions
• Time Frame to Complete the Task and Report
• Safety Notes

Template: Broken Down
Task Name: For me, this is one of the hardest parts in development. I want a name that isn’t common, stands out among other tasks, and grabs the submissive’s attention. At times, I have a name in mind for the idea. Other times I don’t. However, by the time I finish writing the task, I have thought of one. If not, I just ask the opinions of others. The task name is part of my template that I leave open until I can find a name.
Items Needed: I fill this part out as I am writing the task. If I say “Insert two pieces of ice,” I go back up to Items Needed and add “Ice” to the list. If I am really into writing the task, I go ahead and write and let the task ideas flow. Then I reread the task just to find the items needed and add them to the list.

Objective or Note About The Task: This is a particular part of the task where you can have fun. Explain to them what you want. “I feel like teasing some nipples today,” or “I am curious as to how long you can tease yourself without cumming.” Use your voice and include fun language here. This will likely be one of the first things they read… grab their attention here! Make it fun or scary, or just nasty and kinky. If your task is an experiment, then tell them.

Rules For The Task: I find this much more manageable than putting them into the task itself. It can be easily read and understood. Many of my tasks have the same Rule. For example, no orgasms during this task unless otherwise stated; males are to sit while peeing; females are to stand while peeing; no panties/underwear allowed during this task. Once again, I have a Word document with a list of rules – no need to reinvent the wheel. I can easily just cut and paste the ones I want into any task. I sometimes do the rules first as I have it in my head what I want. If this is an all day task, then bathroom control rules are included, such as sitting or standing.

Rituals For The Task: This section is very similar to Rules, except I try to make it for special rules and it’s mostly used when the task is multi-day. Remember, it’s all in the wording. For example, if you want them to kneel daily for the duration of the task, make it a ritual, and it will sound much better than a rule. Submissives love rituals! Kneeling daily isn’t a rule, after all. It’s more of a ritual, and you want it more special than a rule. You want them to get something out of it. It is to be done daily at a set time, unlike peeing, which is as needed and less personal, in my opinion. I also have a Word document for the most frequent rituals I have.

The Task: This is for the systematic instructions. You can still have fun with wording, but keep it basic. This is the part they will be referring to, if needed, when in the midst of a task. Make it simple, easy steps. Do each step in your mind. Make sure they make sense in the order you do them. Once again, picture yourself doing the steps. It isn’t possible to cuff yourself to the bed, and then remove your clothes. Put yourself in the scene, and if possible, actually walk yourself through the steps. For cuffs hold something, and then try the rest of the task in your mind or physically. Wearing cuffs while trying to plug yourself might be hard to do. If you step through this yourself, you can understand in what order things need to be done. If you have several steps, put them in numerical order. If there are just a few, bullets can be used.

Any Special Instructions (like tying a rope or a recipe for enema): Instead of bogging down the task with detailed directions, make a special place for them in this area. I put this after the task itself. That way, the performer can read and enjoy the task and not get into details that will take the excitement away. For example, you are telling them to give themselves an enema before the start. There is no need to get into the details of an enema (like the recipe for one) when there are more important and exciting things like plugging yourself after the enema or masturbating while holding one. The important thing is to let the submissive get excited when first reading the task, and then worry about the details later.

Reporting Instructions: Just as it says, instructions of what you want to see in a report. I also have a basic statement for this… in a Word document. However, I do have to adjust accordingly for each task.

Time Frame (to complete the task and submit the report): I also have a basic statement for Time Frame that I keep in a Word document which I adjust accordingly for the specific task. Make sure you are reasonable. I usually allow seven days to complete the task and submit the report in order to include at least one weekend.

Safety Notes: As I stated earlier, I have standard notes for specific things like clothespin safety, circulation, ice safety, and hot wax, to name a few. This also might include websites so people may read information that is more detailed.
Some Final Remarks
Of course, not all the items in my template are needed with all tasks. The fun part is that I can mix and match. In addition, when I have the basic format, it takes the pressure off from making sure I have all I need in the task. I can focus on the steps of the task itself.

As I’ve said before, have your template and standard notes available. There is no need to reinvent the wheel – or task, in this case.

The most important thing to remember when developing a task is to have fun and make sure you mention the safety of the submissive up front. When they do a task online, it is part of their responsibility to make sure it’s safe for them.

However, we need to strive to make sure we make it as safe as possible before we make the task available to them. A task can never be read and proofed too much before being posted.
Have fun and good luck!
Mistress Nev

Copyright 2007. Permission must be granted before publishing this article in any manner.

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